Welcome to Lullababy – from Mother Nature, with Love!

While your Bundle of Joy means the World to you, we believe that it is our responsibility to look after both with tender loving care, so our children have a planet to grow up on.

At Lullababy, our aim is to provide you with products that are as natural as possible, making them gentle on your baby as well as eco-friendly. Commercial products often contain harmful chemicals that are not only harsh on your little one, but also harmful to the earth. We therefore pay special attention to the products that are in direct contact with your baby’s super soft and perfect skin. We at Lullababy, would like to help you keep it that way!

So apart from our all-natural range of proprietary blend body products, ranging from Lulla Oil to our unique Lulla Puff alternative to talcum powder, Lullababy brings you just about all you need to keep you and ‘bub’ gurgling with glee. We are the exclusive, nation-wide supplier of the life-changing, bio-degradable eco disposable nappy. Always keeping the earth in mind!

We stock everything else from organic cotton ‘Sleepsacs’, organic Aloe Vera wipes and bamboo/organic cotton toys, to bamboo baby wear and blankies, orthodontic natural rubber dummies, cornstarch teethers and anything in between. By the way, we also have your back, Mom. Our 100% natural Lulla Oil prevents and reduces stretchmarks.

Welcome to the Lullababy way of life!

Lullababy is the proud South African distributor of:

Perlimpinpin Layette
Bio Baby Nappies and Wipes
Maud N Lil Organic Toys
CaaOcho Natural Rubber Toys and Teethers
Squeasy Gear